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HCK Beagles
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Muehlberger Custom Homes



WHAT IS ADMINBOXX? AdminBoxx is built by iRacers for iRacers. in league and hosted races. The goal? To make race control as easy as possible. Each AdminBoxx connects via-USB and features pre-programmed commands (no keybinding) for Race Control. AdminBoxx version 3.0 has many enhancements but mostly includes replay controls. We are also expanding our mounting options and will be including custom configurations to benefit the community. LED backlighting makes the buttons highly visible in any situation. We are currently in development of several products such as AdminPTT, a Push to Talk button, that will mute discord and transmit over iRacing Race Control Channel. The PitBoxx is in early development and will enable drivers to set tire and fuel setting easily, even in VR. Also, for mature (OLD) audiences, check out our NY Modified series of Vintage Northeastern paints such as Richie Evans, Charlie Jarzombek and Geoff Bodine in the 99 white Tornado. These paints are historically accurate and include realistic Roll Beading, rubber and exhaust effects. We have Special race events for leagues we sponsor, such as Real 60’s style Demolition Derby, Soapbox derby down Mt’ Washington and Drag races. Coming soon will be ROLLER DERBY team racing. These are great ways for your league members to vent in a non-points race. As a community we are providing Race control for leagues. SPONSORSHIPS AVAILABLE! We offer sponsorships for iRacing teams and leagues. We would be proud to provide the following products and services as they pertain to our racing relationship. Discount for Lead Administrator Discount for other Admins Discount for League Members Social media post specific to your league For more information, contact Fish#7081 on Discord.

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